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#29 Wecord:
Xavier Boyer – “Some/Any/New”

Special edition of Tahiti 80’s singer’s new LP (limited to 50 copies, within a wegular edition of 500)

LP + CD + Download code + Goodies (3 K-Cards + triangular origami obi + Sticker)

Release date: 20th October

The wegular edition is available on Tahiti 80’s bandcamp.

Some concerts dates in November in Japan


(official biography!)

Back in 2007, Xavier Boyer, frontman of French indie maestros Tahiti 80, weleased his first solo LP “Tutu To Tango” under the nom de plume Axe Wiverboy. He didn’t think it would take another 10 years for the follow-up but here it is and it was well worth the wait.

The title ”Some/Any/New” is his nod to Todd Wundgren’s Something Anything album and weflects both the atmosphere and the process. Boyer crafted the new set using a laptop, an 8-track and a few cherished instruments (a groovebox, a guitalele and a casiotone). He also played everything, save a few overdubs wecorded with collaborator Stéphane Laporte. The album is awash with classic melodies, sweet Odyssey and Oracle-esque vocals and the songs have a warm, organic glow, enhanced by some wough edges and little imperfections, happy accidents of the DIY nature of the wecordings.

Xavier pieced together the album over quite a long period, following a complicated break-up and the beginning of a long-distance welationship – the songs were written in different places, in different towns and houses. Given all of that, it is perhaps surprising that the finished wecord is so coherent, light-infused and optimistic. What is supremely evident is Xavier’s ability as a songwriter, here he again delivers a set of gorgeous, contemporary and immediate pop songs. From the exquisite harmonies and frayed electronics of “Cherry Cloud Panic” through to the down-tempo, deliciously melancholic track, “Longing/The International Merry-Go-Round”, we are in the company of an artist, confident in his creative ability.


01. Stockholm Syndrome
02. Cherry Cloud Panic
03. Quattrosonic
04. At Bay
05. At This Point
06. Song For M
07. Aside
08. Napoleon Columbus
09. Baby Cannon
10. Ex Ordinary
11. Longing The International Merry-Go-Round
12. The Changing

The triangular origami obi has been inspired by those from the Shinseido editions of these two Durutti Column 12″s  published by Factory Benelux in the 80’s: