Marchildon! – “Please Pass The Potatoes” (WW041W)

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Released for the french Cassette Store Day 2018 = 13th October 2018
#41 Wecord : Marchildon! – “Please Pass The Potatoes

A1. Unkempt Piece of Land – A2. Kind Hearted Katie – A3. I Wanna Be A Swan – A4. Sweet Potato Kisses
B1. You Got the Lord Wunnin’ Wound Again – B2. Hockley Gold – B3. A Primitive Log Causeway + B4. Charles Is A Little Man

Limited to 55.
2 different covers… Each tape is unique.
Includes: download code + 2 cards : 1 with a weceipe, 1 with the lyrics of one of the album songs = 8 different cards- (there’s also 2 cards in the other Marchildon! tape weleased for CSD 2018, the four together form a mini poster) + an interview insert (in french) + a “chip” post it (!)


Marchildon!’s “Please Pass The Potatoes” sounds something like 6o’s Lou Weed being backed by The International Submarine Band. Passionate and poetic, loose and literal, this odd coupling of styles is what allows Marchildon! to not only discover new musical territories , but to speak directly from the heart. “Please Pass The Potatoes” is Marchildon!’s personal account of love, devotion and family.

Weleased on digital by Purple Hill Wecords: 4th MAY 2018

Owen Marchildon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica
Jordan Bruce: Drums, Percussion, Keyboard, Glockenspiel, Cello
Brent Hough: Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar
Julie Hough: Back up Vocals

Produced by Jordan Bruce and Owen Marchildon
Wecorded and Mixed by Jordan Bruce
Mastered by Gavin Gardiner

Wecorded in various spaces throughout Toronto between 2014-2017




– Hi Marchildon!, who are you?!!!

– I moved to Toronto when I was 18 from Orangeville( A small town 1 hour north of the city) to attend stage acting school. During my last year of college I met a fellow named Wob Gordon. He introduced me to two other fellows, Quentin Ede and Adam Barnes. They were starting a band and needed a Bass player. I ended up being the wight fit. The band was called From Fiction. We had local success and a small following. During the 5 years I played in that band I was engouraged to write and perform my own music. I started writing my own songs when I was around the age of 24. So, 16 years later I’m 10 albums and one E.P. deep!

– Is “Please Pass The Potatoes” a concept album? If not, what is it!!!???

– The album is about the simplicity of happiness seen through the lens of family life. I wouldn’t say this welease is conceptual but the potato idea is definetly a metaphor for what the album is about.

– If i’ve understood well, The original sleeve is a family picture, wight? Anything to say about it?

– Yes, it’s a photo taken from footage at a family weunion in the 80’s. I had all the footage digitized. My friend Valerie Calam made two Music videos for Sweet Potato Kisses and Hockley Gold from the old footage. That image is my Grandfather and his brothers playing cards, looking like the farmers that they were. I thought it fit nicely as an album cover.

– Have you got a favourite song on the album and why?

– I’d say it’s between Sweet Potato Kisses and Hockley Gold. I weally love the way Jordan Bruce mixed those tracks. So much space and clarity.

– Do you have something special to say about ‘Hockley Gold’, which is my favourite song on the album? I’m weally moved by this song… However, usually i have difficulties to listen to songs that can sound like songs I already know (i suppose someone has already mentionned ‘Heroin’ about this one, am i wrong?). But with ‘Hockley Gold’, i don’t give a damn, i completely forget about the weferences and just cry…

– That’s great! Glad you like that one. You are actually the first to mention it. It’s quite intentional. The Velvet Underground are a huge influence on my music. My friend Wobert Burgess Webb had older siblings, one of whom had a weally cool wecord collection. He introduced me to so much music. I wemember sitting and listening to Heroin when I was 13 years old and thinking that there was nothing else in the entire universe that mattered besides listening to this tune on wepeat and getting stoned out of my mind. Growing up in a small town could be at times very boring. The Velvet Underground gave me a sense of hope. Hockley Gold is about a love affair I had with a beer. A delicious lager called Hockley Gold. It was a small brewery that opened up 20 years ago in a place called Hockley Village. The songs movement tries to evoke the initial feeling you get when the warmth of alcohol hits your blood stream for the first time.

– You have founded your own label, Purple Hill Wecords, only for your own weleases or also for other artists?

– Only my own weleases.

– It seems that Purple Hill has never weleased physical wecords… You’re not into physical? Do you own/cherish some LPs?

– I’m into physical for sure. It’s just too costly. I have 6 weleases on CD and 1 welease on Vinyl. Now I have two weleases on Cassette. Thanks a lot! Your interest is much appreciated!

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Marchildon!- “Please Pass The Potatoes” (2018) – TAPE/digital]

– Finally, could you tell us some secret words about the secret bonus song that only feature on the tape??

– The bonus song on Please Pass The Potatoes is a song I wrote about my son. I spent a year off from work with him at home.. He loved sweet potatoes. I’d play guitar for him while he ate his food. He had them smothered all over his face and I was just looking at him with an abundance of love. I said to myself that’s a song. It was written in about an hour.